A Worthy Distortion Comic

After a year plus in the making, I’m happy to announce that my mini mental health comic, A Worthy Distortion has been completed! With art by the wonderful Andrea Rosales, this 8-page comic gives you a glimpse into the life of Quinn Slater as she deals with the distorted self image she sees in the mirror. One day she makes a choice to confront her fears and break free. It’s an ongoing fight, but one that I hope will resonate with many people.

To say this project has been difficult to bring to life is an understatement. The story is very personal and summing up the courage to share it with others has been terrifying.  But here it is! Hopefully, the message will encourage you to push forward and bring the things you are passionate about to fruition as well. Low self-esteem doesn’t just disappear, it’s a constant voice in the back of your head. Not giving in to that voice, that’s the important part. It’s difficult, it’s painful, but it’s worth it. YOU are WORTH it.

You can purchase the digital copy of A Worthy Distortion here or pick up a copy at Rose City Comic Con September 7th-9th. Andrea and I will be available to sign it for you. You can find Andrea at table GG-07 and I’ll be helping my good friends Adam Knave, DJ Kirkbride, and Valentine Barker table at O-05.

Next up on my list is putting together a comic adaptation of a Shakespeare sonnet for an amazingly fun Shakespeare Anthology by Jenn Arledge and Natalie Cooper. I look forward to updating the site with progress shots!

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