Queer Werewolves and Finished Cons

Oof. It’s been a very busy few months. Rose City Comic Con and Geek Girl Con are both in the bag, so that means my convention scene is now over for the year. Whew! Helping Valentine Barker table is the most fun and rewarding experience I’ve ever had at cons. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his work, please do. He brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the comic and art scene by celebrating humanity’s diversity and challenging female stereotypes with his Like a Girl collection.

At Rose City Comic Con, I got to debut the comic Andrea Rosales and I worked so very hard on, A Worthy Distortion. I really was pleased with the outpouring of support for the comic and how quickly it sold out. I have to say, sharing a comic that personal was definitely one of the more nerve wracking things I’ve ever done, but to see how well it connected with those who picked it up and read it. Wow. That’s a feeling I won’t soon forget.

So, what’s next? Currently, I have a pitch out for a Queer Werewolf anthology with Harrison Webb. It’s a cute little story about finding love where you least expect it with a little nudge from your friends. Fingers crossed we get accepted. In the meantime, the Shakespeare anthology, My Kingdom for a Panel, is well on it’s way. Andrea has shown me some spectacular thumbnails and the pencils should be  about done. Here’s a sneak peak at one of my favourite panels:

The Time character looks so menacing! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as the projects progress. Here’s to more comics and more wonderful stories. Cheers!

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