Tables and Angels

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Adam P. Knave at Jet City Comic Show. My very first half table, filled with books holding my stories inside them. It was all very exciting. The show was easy going and mellow. I got to talk to people about my books and it felt a little surreal signing my name and watching those books wander off with new owners. I want more of that. To that end I’m still trying to make time for more art and eventually will pick out one of my longer comic ideas to work on. From plotting to script to concept art and thumbnails to a final comic all drawn and written by me. So far, I’ve only really done one of those and I think I’m ready to do more.

Doodling around with the idea of creating more art, I took some time and fleshed out a strange angel image in my head. Originally, it was meant for something in a comic I wanted to explore. But this angel does not belong in that story. Too serene. Here’s how the progress went.

I drew it out with pencil first. Scanned it into CLIPStudio. Traced it with the pen tool and then started to experiment with the oil painting brush. From then on it was detail and fun. Though, those wings took FOREVER! Worth it, but jeesh that was a challenge.

And then the final!

I’m very pleased with how it all turned out. Here’s to more exploring and learning! I’ll post more as I go. If you’d like a print of this for your very own, I put it up in Teepublic.