A Worthy Distortion

Art by Andrea Rosales & Story by Diane Rockell

Everyday space engineer Quinn Slater wakes up full of hope and determination. She just wants to be able to believe in herself. To be strong enough to get that promotion at work, to be confident enough to go out with her friends, and to be smart enough to write her own story. But, always in the mirror staring back at her is the reflection of all her deepest fears and doubts. This distorted version paralyzes and convinces her that she is worthless. It spews negativity and shows her that she can’t do the things she dreams of doing. Everyday Quinn battles with that distorted reflection and everyday she loses. Until one day, she decides that enough is enough.

A Worthy Distortion explores the debilitating effects of self-doubt and what it means to finally see the value in yourself.

$5 Digital Mini-Comic


A Worthy Distortion Comic